The Wisdom of Golf… at Desert Springs, Almanzora, Spain

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24 years ago today Tom and I got together… a great reason to celebrate a few days in a lovely golf resort, Desert Springs, Almanzora, Spain…  The weather is warm but a little overcast, never mind… Tom and I have an early afternoon start time today to enjoy a nice game of golf and enjoy the beautiful scenery here in Almanzora… We’ve been here before, but I didn’t remember just how beautiful it was.. Desert Springs, like the name reveals is a golf course right in the middle of Mediterranean desert land… It is nature at its very best… wild, colourful, prickly and raw…



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Golf is where Tom and I come together and enjoy some quality time together…. we used to enjoy ballroom and latin dancing together, but since being in Spain we have spent more time outside walking on the many different golf courses… they are our walks in Spain’s nature… We both vote desert springs as being one of the best golf courses in this region….

IMG_1215Pink delight

Vibrant colours sway in the breeze, bringing sensual, visual and aromatic experiences of wonder to the heart and soul… all adding to our happy golfing day…  It’s never mattered to us whether we win or lose… from our own individual handicap… not that we don’t always play our very best… but we understand that how we are inside, how busy or peaceful we feel, always reflects on our golf game… We practice and perfect our swing and just enjoy… especially being out in the sunshine and warmth…  (We hung up our rain clothes, warm gloves and hats when we left Holland)…

Prickly TownersTaking a break...

The game of golf has wonderful stories to tell the person who pays attention… about where the ball finds to lie, the long route it often takes to get to the hole, playing straight or curving right or left, how we focus and have patience on the green and even the people who join our game…  Each game we play shares some wisdom about our self and life… Golf helps us to grow…in wisdom…


We see the most interesting things… this beautiful unique ‘coloured pencil fence’ is such fun… I love colour… this says so much about the people living here…

Coloured pencil fence

After the long 18 holes, we enjoy a refreshing drink and delicious meal at the restaurant on the 19th hole… our celebration day is complete… we look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary next year… somewhere outside of Spain… exotic in a natural way…

Barbara Franken..
If you would like to come on a golfing holiday here on the Costa Calida, I would only be to happy to arrange it… we have beautiful accommodation on Mazarron Country Club, a short distance away from many good golf courses in the area… 


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