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Creative Expression…

May 14, 2013
This is your invitation to join Barbara on  
Thursday 30th May, 11-17 hr 
Mazarron Country Club, Murcia, Spain

  For a fun and creative ‘me day’ with friends in a safe and quiet space…

Connecting to your innate passion and joy, allowing yourself to imagine, be inspired and express your beingness, your soul voice… and enjoy…
*A Dreamwalk… Expanding into the New Energy  Consciousness 
*Intuitive Painting… Bringing a dream into reality
*A 3 Course Homemade Lunch
*Inspiring feedback of the days experience….
Cost… 15 Euro
Contact Barbara to reserve your place by Tel: 650796579
or email

Creative Expression…
Can you imagine waking up each morning with an inner yearning to spontaneously BE your heartfelt joy and passion… Today IAM SINGING out loud… Today IAM creating beauty in my garden… Today IAM preparing food… Today IAM painting my dream vision… Today IAM at peace… Today IAM writing a poem… Today IAM taking photographs… Today IAM cleaning… Today IAM going to act as if IAM rejuvenated…

Can we truly allow simple mindful things to be our creative expression and signature of who we truly are, creative beings? Can we align our physical body with our hearts desire and experience our soul? Maybe we can remember how we felt as children or have the urge now to let our hair down, to enjoy some ‘me time’… to laugh, act, play, create, explore, scream out loud and have fun…
We have grown up to be responsible for our self, be mindful and serious at times, but can we remain true to our heart and soul too?  Relaxing into our innate passion and joy, allowing it to flow through us and out into the world… creating our life…
Can we feel this rhythm of life, pulsating through us, connecting us to an all-loving presence? Or has our chattering mind and important ego and other peoples fear, negativity and jealous nature taken over our very being…
Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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