Let's not label our children with ADD, ADHD and AUTISM…

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When my grandson was born in 2010 I knew he was a ‘new energy’ child… I had been in contact with him ever since his conception and painted with him during his first 10 months of life (within his mum)…  He actually helped me with many life issues, teaching me to LOVE, PLAY and CREATE… IAM thankful for the precious time his parents have given me… from the day of his birth to his third birthday that we have recently celebrated… I have lovingly observed him growing into a 3 year old toddler… He is a child who knows what he wants… what he needs… (a complete REBEL just like his grandma) but also one bundle of LOVE and everyone that has any worries, stress and hardship only has to look at him to know that INDEED, ALL IS WELL…

Our children are here to help humanity expand into a more LOVING space… They are here to teach us to connect and integrate with the part of ourself that is all loving, all powerful and all perfect… To LOVE ourself first and be the Magnificent person we truly are…

Our children sense things through their feelings, it’s not about the mind or the physical, they connect to ‘the oneness’ of life and read the subtle energy fields all around us, tuning into our true inner feelings that emanate from our soul….  They use their 6th sense and instinctively know everything…  Most of us have not been taught to perceive anything beyond our 5 senses… we only belief what we see… but we too have a 6th sense, our imagination and conscious awareness that we can practice using and align with ‘all that IAM’… We are so much more than our human body & mind, we are divine light beings having a human experience…

Our children are very attached to close family and friends, they are here to LOVE us unconditionally.  In order to help us become more aware of ourselves they reflect in their ‘naughty’ actions, our inner feelings of sadness, lostness, anger, guilt, unworthyness etc… what is on the outside is always a reflection of our inner body... until we choose to BE LOVE and live from the attitude of IAM Magnificent… reflecting this back to us too…

Our children are ‘made of’ a higher frequency energy and therefore ‘find it challenging’ to stay in the physical body, focus only on the intellect and be confined to limited and small spaces… Doctors and society have labeled these children with ADD – ADHD – AUTISM… amongst other names… putting them in a box, in the hope to train them to be ‘normal human beings’… giving them drugs in order to tame them to be quiet and orderly…

Why do they like being in big outdoor spaces?  
It allows their body consciousness to expand and resonate with nature, with freedom…
Why do they seem distracted when focusing on something intellectual?
They see and feel so much more, being multiple-experiences they are overwhelmed…

Our children have a gift for openness, they are multidimensional beings living in a high state of awareness, functioning more from the right brain sensing their environment, knowing instinctively…  They are our teachers… Let’s start being good students and align with LOVE and help take humanity to the next level… living a life of peace and love and creating our hearts desire…

Susy miller explains so much more about it all… She called our children… awesome… her website is http://www.suzymiller.com

I would like to say a special THANKYOU to my daughter-in-law YULIA who has been an inspiration to me…  She is a young ‘multi-handed’ mother doing her utmost to live her truth…

Grandma Barbara…  Regularly writing about my experiences awakening and living in the New Energy Consciousness… 


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September 24, 2013 at 17:44

I agree …. special kids (even though that refers to special needs) do have something special in them. My son with autism wears his heart on his sleeve. He experiences life and all emotions in a non-limiting, no-boundaries kind of way. When he enjoys something, he really savors the moment – whether it is getting soaked in the rain or eating his favorite Coco crisps cereal.

Nice post Barbara. I agree that children, all children, special or not, can teach us how to live life. I hope we can all nurture the child within us.

October 6, 2013 at 16:01
– In reply to: www.wordssetmefreee.wordpress.com

Thankyou so much for sharing your loving words and I wish your family many moments of life… just as it is… Together we can nurture each other… (and yes self first)… Barbara

January 11, 2014 at 07:07

Interesting point, and I do agree that when doctors and society label children with ADHD/Autism etc and attempt to train and/or medicate them to be ‘normal human beings’ it really can be harmful. On the other hand, I do feel labels can be really important. Being labeled ‘autistic’ can give children a sense of identity and community, but also, far more important than that, is that ‘autistic’ can replace labels like ‘weird’ or ‘broken’. It really comes down to the intention behind the label (ie. whether or not you believe that ‘ADHD’ and ‘Autism’ are inherently bad things that need to be fixed).

January 11, 2014 at 10:25
– In reply to: lechateliersprinciple

Thankyou for your thoughtful comment… Yes weird and broken are unkind labels some people use to describe different behaviour than the ‘normal human being’… But I’ve read so much about autistism especially and what these special children are saying ‘through telepathy’ is mind blowing… Their basic makeup is different than ours, they are high vibrational beings, rather than the majority of us that are low vibrational… High vibration aligned to LOVE and low vibration aligned to FEAR… When we allow ourself to listen to our children, they can teach us how to love and care for ourself… just like they do… unless we start medicating them and putting them into a box of ‘abnormal human being… called autism’…
I don’t think good or bad comes into it… we want to fix someone because they are not normal… but really it is we who are not normal… we have to fix ourselves… all of society… fixing ourselves from fear and loving ourself and honouring each persons story instead… Barbara

January 12, 2014 at 03:44
– In reply to: barbarafranken

‘Weird’ and ‘broken’ aren’t just unkind labels that other people use to describe different behaviour, they’re also labels that we sometimes use to describe ourselves when we try so hard to be like everyone else and finally realise that we actually can’t. That’s one of the reasons I think labels are so important. They can help *ourselves* accept our own different-ness, and to help us know that we’re not alone or weird, that there are others out there who are just like us.

I’ve met special people on the autism spectrum (I wrote a bit about that in my post “This Is Autism”), and I agree that in many ways, the way they experience the world is fundamentally different from the way allistic (non-autistic) individuals experience it. Not just autistic children, but also autistic adults. I’ve always believed that diversity is the best. I think we need to give autistic individuals the freedom to see the world their way and share that with us, but also we need to acknowledge our way of seeing the world and share that with them, because multiple perspectives can give a clearer picture of reality than just a single picture. I’m not sure what you mean about love versus fear, though, because I’ve found that autistic individuals are capable of expressing both love and fear to the same extent that allistic individuals are.

I’ve never believed in the concept of ‘normal’. I don’t think that autistic individuals are not normal, but I also don’t think that it is we who are not normal. I think we do all need to accept that everyone is a very normal version of themselves, and to respect that rather than try to fix that (and that applies to everyone, not just autistic/ADHD people, but also when we try to fix others who are more idealistic than we think they should be, or more clingy than we think they should be).

January 11, 2014 at 23:30

I have mixed feelings about labels. Self-labels work if it gives a sense of identity or community! But when other people hear the label, they can jump to a lot of conclusions before they even get to know the person being labeled and at the moment.

Share your love ... thank you x

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