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Something outside of yourself happens, you are involved in a car accident, an embarrassing situation, lose a job, lose a partner… You become involved with ‘the happening’, the drama and it becomes YOU.  YOU become the downfall, the injured, the victim… and in order to keep the drama going (as it really keeps you busy) you blame others or create other self’s to continue the conflict with… to blame, to fight, to feed off…   The latter is the start of a multiple personality disorder, when you create divisions in your identity and interact with other self’s.

And you hear yourself saying ‘I’m losing my mind!’ …  and yes indeed… you are…

You go to the doctor and ask for help… and the doctor tells you that you are thinking your way into problems…  The doctor is actually correct… you and your mind have created this drama… but instead of waiting to be either dismissed or referred to a psychiatrist, isn’t it time to take yourself serious and find someone to show you how to SELF-HEAL…

Simple Steps to get your life back on track…

*Choose to be conscious of yourself and your actions.

*Recognise that you are naturally a true and powerful, healthy and loving person. 

*Understand that you are responsible for your life, your situation and your condition.

*Accept that by your own actions, whether others are involved or not, you may have chosen to create a victim role for yourself.

*Ask someone to help you find practical help to get your mind back into balance.

Simple Tools to get your mind in balance and in line with your body, heart and spirit…

*Know that the things happening outside of your self are not you, they are just experiences and you always have a choice about how you experience something!

*Allow yourself time to do nothing, to be quiet and still and consciously be aware of your breathe, allowing your thoughts to be and just observe with no judgement!

*Allow yourself to spend time in joyful and sensual ways, allowing yourself to be artistic, passionate and creative!

*Allow yourself to wake up each morning with a smile and YES, laugh out loud!

*Allow yourself to move out of your limited mind and be free to live and experience your hopes and dreams in every moment!  Just say YES!

*Know that your mind, if not clogged up with constant thinking and thoughts and aligned with your ‘body consciousness’ (body, mind, heart and spirit), has an amazing expanded intelligence, that you can tap into at anytime!

©Barbara Franken, Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

The above was my answer to the question I answered… Is the NHS failing Mental Health Patients…


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May 7, 2020 at 17:12

[…] Back in 2012, I answered a Sky News question… Is the NHS failing Mental Health Patients? and wrote about in my blog post Lets keep it Simple, Mental Health. […]

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